Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Review: Film Geek (2005)

Melik Malkasian in the lead role of 'Film Geek'What if Kevin Smith's famous comedy film Clerks (1994) had taken place in a video rental store instead of at a convenience store? The independent comedy movie Film Geek (2005) is self explanatory in its own right. The entire story centers around Scotty who works as a video rental store associate. He is the epitome of a walking cinematic encyclopedia by hanging out at work after his shift is over so that he could "helpfully" recommend films to any customer who walks in the front door. He is a geek and every person avoids his incessant film ramblings. As the film's tag line suggests "his knowledge is your misery." There are a few times in the beginning of the movie a rental store customer would ask him about a horror film recommendation or a selection from a romantic comedy and he would gladly respond several recommendations from the collection of Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut. The film was written and directed by James Westby, who based the story upon his own experiences of working at a video rental store. Scotty is fired from his job at the rental store, but this doesn't stop him from desiring to be the ultimate film geek working at a rental store. He sees cinema in all its glory as a work of modern art and wants to share the glory of cinematic art with others, but he has a hard time socially connecting with them. For any fellow film geek this film speaks to them, because they would understand what it is like to be obsessed about watching movies and knowing your cinematic trivia. I personally found this film enjoyable mainly for that very fact that I could relate in some ways to the main character. It is with empathy that I could understand his desire to enjoy movies and to win over the beautiful girl that he has a crush on. Despite his own realm of quirkiness that could best describe his personality it is the character of Scotty that symbolizes the inner geek some of us may share, but are too afraid to let out of the closet. My final rating for this film sits comfortably with an eight out of ten possible review points. This review rating is generously high, mainly because of the connection of empathy I had for the main character. I could understand how he feels living as a film geek.
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