Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Baseball Card Documentary

EDITED TO ADD: According to Google Maps, the place of business has been closed down.

So, do you want to go to Brooklyn to buy some baseball cards? Come on! I know you want to go. Alright, alright, alright! For those lazy travelers who either do not want to step away from their computers or simply cannot afford the train ticket to visit Baseball Card Dugout there is an alternative that can be just as fun and at a mere fraction of the traveling costs.

Personally living in southern California and writing about a sports card shop in Brooklyn, New York is rather far fetched since I have never visited the store before and did not even know of its existence before this morning. According to Google the store is located in the Carroll Gardens area of Brooklyn as seen in the map that has been embedded below (if this location info does not sound right to any of the New York locals, please speak up).

My own invested interest in the card shop is a twofold venture. First of all I had collected baseball cards as a kid, so the topic at hand is of personal interest. Then there is the current interest that I have in movies and documentaries. Film and video director Casimir Nozkowski has a lengthy list of credits to his name (a short biography has been posted below), but recently he has focused his efforts upon taking a camera into Joe Rock's place of business to find out why people are so intrigued with the hobby of buying and collecting sports cards. So, without much further ado I shall present to you the COTD (Clip of the Day) for June 3, 2009!

According to his website bio, it seems the director, Casimir Nozkowski, really gets around. That implies a professionally well-versed career for those of you who were thinking otherwise. Among his credits, he has appeared on numerous television and radio talk shows, currently resides on the board for Rooftop Films, and has directed several music videos, commercials, and short films. He can be contacted at with any questions or comments.
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