Friday, June 5, 2009

Luc Besson's Environmental Documentary?

He is the famous producer, writer, and director of several famous action films, including my own personal favorite: Leon, The Professional (1994). However, as of a whopping thirty minutes ago I was asking myself "Luc Besson has produced a what?!"

Home (2009) is an environmentally friendly documentary that rivals Disney's Earth (2007). I am shocked to hear about it! In addition, I am intrigued to know why Luc Besson is involved, and yet curious as much in actually watch the film. It tallies in with a running time of an hour and thirty-three minutes and will play at no cost to you on YouTube's website. In the English language version the film is narrated by Oscar award nominated actress Glenn Close, who I am sure is an excellent casting choice.

I have embedded a play list below that is a highlight reel of all the different segments from the film. Each of the eleven clips is about ninety seconds to two minutes in length. They will whet your appetite for the feature length version. I am planning to add my own personal review of the documentary film at the end of this entry as soon as I have the available time to give it a proper inspection and review. I hope you enjoy the highlight reel. However, if you would like to move on to the film itself, then feel free to visit the High Definition playback page or the film's YouTube Channel.

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