Friday, June 19, 2009

This Experiment Should Be Over

One of my favorite contemporary suspense movies from Germany is the 2001 film Das Experiment which was directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel and stars Moritz Bleibtreu (of Run, Lola, Run fame). The film is based upon the original Stanford Prison Experiment of 1971 (visit this link for a brief overview of the experiment's background). To briefly explain the synopsis of the experiment, and the movie, I will describe it as a sociology and psychology experiment gone awry. Here is the trailer for the film:

According to this report from First Showing it appears there will be an American remake of the film going into production sometime in July. The actors who have been hired for the remake includes a list of top notch actors including: Adrien Brody, Forrest Whitaker, Elijah Wood, and Cam Gigandet. Despite a list of talented actors attached to the project I am afraid to see another remake being produced for American audiences. I enjoy the original German film and seem annoyed by the lame excuse that American audiences are unable to enjoy foreign films or do not have convenient access to see them. I use Netflix to rent and watch the vast majority of foreign films that I have seen in the past. I do not need an American studio to remake a foreign film in order for me to hear about a good movie from Japan, Germany, or where ever else and want to rent it.
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