Friday, August 7, 2009

16 Days Off Before Breakfast

Jennifer Connelly and I went looking for a few career opportunities.Okay, there are a lot of people out there who are publishing a news article, a blog entry, a television news report, a tweet, or a blurb to a friend about the passing death of teen angst film director John Hughes. The vast majority of those blurbs have mentioned several of his movies, including The Breakfast Club and 16 Candles, but not a single one of them has mentioned my favorite film that he has been credited with working on during his professional career. Ugh, how aggravating! Therefore, I decided to post a miniature tribute to my favorite John Hughes film by embedding an altered movie poster (as seen to the left). Yes, that is my mediocre face squeezed on to the picture right below Jennifer Connelly's smug smile. I offer the best of my own compliments to a co-worker of mine who is better at working her way through her graphics design software than I ever could hope to accomplish on my own.

I will freely admit that Career Opportunities (1991) is my favorite John Hughes film ever. Do not worry, because I will spare everyone here the boredom of another top favorites list by not including one here of my favorite films or characters that have been associated with his name in one way or another. However, I have been able to culminate a list of related articles that cover the topic of his career and life, so enjoy please enjoy perusing through these articles:In addition, there is the following interview with Ben Stein (of Ferris Bueller fame) as he was asked to appear on the Fox News network with a few fond memories of the film director and writer. Here is the video:

Would it be so wrong of me to say that at age 59 it appears John Hughes has hit an early curfew? Alternatively, would it be even worse to offer the best of wishes that detention may be forever fun for him?
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