Friday, December 4, 2009

The Despair and Irony of Steven Soderbergh

Today over at the Large Association of Movie Blogs website they are marking the third and final day of installment number four of The LAMBs in the Director's Chair series. Click here if you are interested in reading all of the entries for the latest installment which was a concentration upon the directorial career of Hollywood's resident pessimist Steven Soderbergh. To make things ironically sad for the cinematic Eeyore there has been a bit of a discovery by David Poland of The Hot Blog when he screen captured a web page from Variety's website that describes the news of the prospective new sports film Moneyball (2011) being handed over to a new director. The film was originally expected to be helmed by Mr. Soderbergh, but it was the fish that got away and he has attempted to move on from the tremendous loss. So, here is the screen capture of an article about the film's directorial hand off and observe closely the advertisement that has been embedded in the sidebar.

The sad irony of Steven Soderbergh's career in Hollywood.One last nugget of thought to chew upon before you leave for the day. Who is Brad Bitt? Is he related to Brad Pitt in any way, shape, or form?
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